Social Media Optimization

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Social media optimisation is a digital marketing tool that can help you create awareness about your products and services on different social media platforms. People and businesses from across the globe, almost all of them have some sort of a social media presence. This means that with our social media optimisation services, there is a possibility for your business to reach them.
At Prymus, our social media experts offer creative solutions to build an impactful online presence for your brand. We create and run your social media accounts to engage your consumers and attract new ones. The process includes building a social media plan, execution strategy, analysis and more.
We also work with you to build campaigns to run across all social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. It is important to understand your business and its target audience so we can directly appeal to your specific niche. For Example; the B2C audience is usually active on Instagram and Facebook, while the B2B audience is more likely to respond to your posts on LinkedIn.

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Social Media Analysis

Our Data experts are tasked with doing weekly analysis of your social media so we can make constant improvements in our strategies. This approach makes us extremely flexible and allows us to deliver the best service.

Profile Optimisation

Your social media profiles are then representatives of your brand in your absence. This is why it is important to build a strong first impression. We give your profile an attractive look that also aligns with the overall message of your brand.

Keyword Research and Trend analysis

It is important to be aware of the latest trends in the industry. This helps us get more eyeballs on your products and services. And with the help of the right keywords, it can help your business get a greater reach in social media.

Content Optimisation

Content only matters if it can reach its intended audience. Our content writers and copywriters create easy to understand and SEO-friendly content so it can have the maximum reach.

Social Media Strategy and Execution

Publish the right content at the right time for the greatest impact.

Post Scheduling

Posting funny and witty posts without a specific direction is not enough. Your brand needs to have a singular message that is delivered through all social media content.

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